aohl volunteers

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Planning Meeting Coordinator: Anita

  • Calls for quarterly Planning Meetings
  • Makes agenda for Planning Meetings
  • Posts proposed agenda via group email in the week before the meeting
  • Finds Facilitators for quarterly Planning Meetings

Treasurer: Susannah

  • Collects membership fees
  • Manages accounts payable and receivable
  • Collects funds for programs
  • Distributes funds when asked to by the Coordinator and/or membership vote
  • Keeps bank account reconciled
  • Reports to members at every quarterly meeting
  • Works with Membership Secretary on member intake

Membership Secretaries: Tabinda and Hitomi 

  • Update and distribute roster twice a year at regular intervals
  • Work with Treasurer on member intake (receive new member applications)

Recording Secretary: Melissa

  • Takes minutes at quarterly Planning Meetings and Board Meetings and records decisions made
  • Adds minutes to group files
  • Adds any new policies developed by the group to group policy files

Resource/Outreach Coordinator: Samantha S.

  • Works with members, prospective members, and community members looking for resources or special services
  • Deals with contacts from the press, and people asking to advertise or post who are not AOHL members
  • Knowledgeable about resources in the community and on Internet
  • Updates contact information on various homeschool sites, such as HSC, CHN

Website Administrator: Katerina

  • Updates website
  • Renews domain name and hosting accounts Group Administrator:

  • Administers group
  • Posts documents to files
  • Sets reminders
  • Sends a quarterly membership reminder with our mission statement and guidelines
  • Sends reminders to members who have been “pinged” by other members for not following email list guidelines

Not Back To School Picnic Organizer:

  • Organizes and advertises the Not Back to School Picnic to Coalition groups and other Bay Area groups

Camping Director(s), rotating position

  • Determines camping dates and location
  • Takes reservations from members
  • Collects camping fees
  • Organizes activities such as hikes or crafts, or obtains volunteers to do so, if desired
  • Must be present or have a delegated person to be present the entire trip

While AOHL encourages members to try to resolve conflicts between themselves, we recognize that sometimes help is needed. In such an instance, you may contact the Mediation Team.

Mediation Team: Alanya and Samantha

  • Serve as initial contacts when a neutral space for mediation of issues is needed.