group guidelines

AOHL encourages all members to contribute their time and talents to the group, as they see fit.  Members are expected to follow the Guidelines listed below, and to ensure that their children abide by them as well.

Members must interact with one another respectfully, both in person and in our online forum.

guidelines for AOHL Park Days and events:

For parents:

  • Parents must supervise their children at AOHL park days and activities, or designate another adult who will do so.
  • Parents should make certain their children know and understand the Guidelines for Kids stated below.
  • Parents are encouraged to offer assistance to any child to help resolve differences or promote safety. If a parent intervenes with a child from another family, please inform that child’s parent of the situation.
  • For classes and field trips, parents should discuss a planned activity with their children beforehand and be sure their child wants to participate in the activity.  Participants are expected to treat speakers and other participants respectfully. Parents are responsible for removing their children from an activity if they are disruptive to the group.

 For kids:

  • Try to get to know other children. Parents can help.
  • Be considerate of others and their belongings.
  • Be safe.
  • If you cannot resolve an issue with another child safely and respectfully, get an adult to help.
  • Include everyone in games and activities (unless an activity has been pre-designated as age-specific.) If you need to make an exception to this rule, talk to your parent.
  • Accept guidance from any AOHL adult who offers it. If you disagree with what an adult has said to you, talk to your parent.
  • Weapon play is not allowed, including sticks and foam weapons.